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The ARt of Tour Design

From loved local food purveyors and rich ethnic cultures to world class entertainment, ballets, and star-studded theatrical productions creatively designed to tell the local story or Broadway's. Delight your travelers and make them come back for more. Experience with the hands-on approach. We don't just set up the tour-we plunge you into the experience. Meet the owner,walk in their shoes, learn a new language without traveling to the host country, taste a new taste-this is vacation! Cookie cutter is not a word in our vocabulary.

Research on site: over 40 original itineraries

We are your local tour operator and travel to research all itineraries on site. Imagine bringing your group to more than Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and  Illinois-we're more than Branson, more than St. Louis or Kansas City. The Heart of America holds treasures nurtured in the vast cultures of the world who settled here during the largest free migration of humanity in the history of the world. All itineraries are researched on site. We dine in the restaurants, we stay in the hotels or bed/ breakfasts, we screen and interview step on guides, entertainers and tour sites. You can't have a better partner to insure a successful fulfillment of your tour. now offering America's South and Southeast with exclusive -for-you selected itineraries (fully researched) in America's West. Above photo taken in Superstition Wilderness ARizona